Flash quirks | Blurry image or swf when you set the z value for a DisplayObject

I had a project where I had add a swf into  the swf – The structure is like this but done in a combination of MXML and AS

<Application> <SpriteVisualElement><Sprite><Sprite><Image source=”xxx.swf” id=”myContent”>

The Problem:

The problem is the images are distorted when I set the coordinates x,y, and z. First, I thought I was now setting them into round numbers (i.e. 100.1 px…etc) However, I checked and see that they are just being set to “0” for all 3 dimensions. AND this is also true for the parent containers.


Don’t set “z” when it is “0”. Apparently Flash will re-sample the image when you set z, even to “0”. This causes the image to be distorted.

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