Updates for “less-watch-compiler” – A utility that watches and auto-compiles LESS CSS files

I wrote a small nodejs utility 2 years ago. It basically watches a folder of LESS files and auto-compiles them into CSS files when changes are made. Since I posted this, usage of this utility picked up. Many users have sent some feedback to me on github but I hadn’t have time to resolve them until now So yesterday, I worked this and made some major improvements.

Here is a list of updates:

  • Fixed the bug where subfolder changes are not detected
  • Externalized configurations in json
  • Introduced project-based JSON configuation files
  • Refactored the code
  • Added Mocha unit tests
  • Added pcakage information for npm
  • Posted project to npm

If you’d like to check it out, here are links to my project:

Please feel free to contribute to this project.

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