Playstation Network (PSN) Outage

Yes. We screwed up. But I think people often too readily blame the problems on the big corporation. I think both our security AND the intruders are at fault here. Without the criminal act, we won’t have such a big problem. I still think Sony has a big responsibility when they are handling customer privacy.

I remember how the very first PlayStation site was – a badly designed, last-minute website which styles resembled a website from the 90s. But I – like many others, decided to put my credit card information on the site despite my doubts. I haven’t joined Sony at the time – or else I would’ve raised a flag about it. From a front-end developer point of view, that site was sub-par for a big corporation. I also wonder how much effort they spent on the back-end either. Now we know.

PSN should be back online soon. And I have a feeling that this is only the first of many cyber intrusions to come. The internet is a scary place.


I have been working on for over 3 years.  During this time, I helped change the face of the site.  I developed or led the development of almost every movable part on – homepage, global navigation, shopping cart, checkout pages to name a few. I remember entering Sony Style as the sole front-end developer. Today, I co-lead a team of 8 developers. It has been a wild ride and a good learning experience. However as I flip into a new chapter of my career, I find myself having to leave this place that has helped me grow tremendously and enter into a new place to work and learn – within Sony. As of 9/27/2010, I will no longer be leading the front-end team.

I’m moving from Sony Electronics to Sony Corporate of America’s Sony Network Entertainment Inc. At SNEI, I will build Sony’s non-web experiences – such as device software and application. It will be a challenge as I have little experience with actual software development. I look forward to this opportunity as it will help me open up my horizon for new ideas and new projects.

In remembrance of my reign @ Sony Style, here are some screen shots of my contributions on today: