[Site Launch] The new face of Sony – a responsive website

After years of hard work, I’m happy that our project has *finally* launched. Sony is the first electronics giant to launch a global multi-lingual fully responsive website. This launch covers all of Europe, Turkey and Russia/CIS. As the front-end lead for the project, I’m especially thrilled because a good front-end stack is the most important part of a responsive website. Thanks to 2 vendors and my kick-ass development team who worked tirelessly to perfect this brand new front end framework.


So, what’s really great about this website? Here are some important achievements from my perspective:

  1. Immersive customer experience
  2. Responsive design, responsive images, responsive everything…
  3. Separated presentation layer
  4. Modular front end framework
  5. Ability to develop on a single platform from ideation to integration
  6. Test-driven and agile

Check out the Sony UK site. Enjoy!

OSX file permissions problems after Migration or TimeMachine restore

After I migrated to a new machine running (10.8.5), I had run into various application problems because of file permissions:

  • Outlook identities were messed up. Even if I removed the identity, outlook gave me the error “You do not have write access to the outlook folder.To run outlook you must have the administrative user remove the identities folder from the application folder.”
    • I tried repairing the identity database using Microsoft Database Utility
    • I tried creating a new identity, but no luck.
    • And more interestingly, if I created a new user, Outlook works! This is why I know it was a file permissions issue.
  • Photoshop CS5/CS6 were messed up saying that ColorFont cannot be loaded.


I tried the following solutions to solve file permissions problems but they didn’t fix them:

  • Permissions repair in Disk Utility
  • Reseting home directory permission in “resetpassword” under recovery mode

So what did the trick was a command from this post:

sudo chflags -R nouchg,nouappnd ~ $TMPDIR.. ; sudo chown -R $UID:20 ~ $_ ; chmod -R -N ~ $_ 2> /dev/null

Use at your own risk.

My thoughts on web design and development “obsessions”

I wanted to write down my thoughts on the web today. The web industry is full of trends. Sometimes these trends get way too popular and people blindly follow them without the right reasons. Here is my list of them as of today:

  • Obsession with table-less layouts
  • Obsession with no page refresh
  • Obsession with passive user interaction – Just scroll. No click or touch.
  • Obsession with no Flash
  • Obsession with infinite scrolling
  • Obsession with parallax scrolling
  • Obsession with single-page web design
  • Obsession with social media badges and plugins
  • Obsession with data APIs
  • Obsession with using front end technologies for everything