Adobe Max 2013 Afterthoughts

Adobe MAX this year has over 5000 attendees – the most attended MAX so far. I was hesitant because Adobe delayed this conference for 6 months making it 18 months since the last MAX. I thought Adobe would have scaled back but they instead brought so many good announcements and surprises instead.

Below are the highlights for me:

Edge Reflow
This is one of the most useful tools for a responsive design workflow. The ability to save comps in different break points is much needed. Adobe has an answer for it. Edge Reflow also comes with the ability to export to a responsive HTML prototype. With this tool, the designers can also learn that elements cannot magically appear or disappear between different breakpoints – one of the pain points working with traditional web designers.

Edge Inspect
Edge inspect is a cross operating system plugin for testing your website. It works like magic – able to control your browser on your desktop while seeing it synch up your with the other connected devices (iOS, Android..etc). To add a cherry on top, you can inspect the DOM tree of the connected device on your desktop. It is an excellent tool!

Creative Cloud Subscription
The new subscription model created a bit of a controversy like this:

All in all, people are still very much receptive. I welcome the change and think that the new charging model is a good deal. $50 a month for all of Adobe’s software versus $500 for only Photoshop is definitely no comparison. I think of it as like a “car payment” for your software. You use it everyday. You eventually forget about paying for it.

Sony @ Adobe Max

"Developing Web Experiences Inside SONY"

“Developing Web Experiences Inside SONY”

Sony was a platinum sponsor for the event because of their existing partnership with Adobe on the tablet and pen devices. Our team –  Global Web Office held a session on “Develop Web Experiences Inside Sony”.