Google I/O 2011

I didn’t register to go to Google I/O this year. I just started to work on Android about a month ago so I missed the registration by a lot. My colleague -Kevin was kind and let me borrow his badge to check it out for a little while. I went there for a session on Android Development Tools and skimmed the exhibitions floors. The exhibitions were not impressive. The session I attended was informative. The conference was way too crowded. Overall, compared to Adobe Max (which I liked), this is relatively “light”. Nevertheless, the registrants got their money’s worth. They all got a Galaxy Tablet AND a Motorola Mifi hot spot. Consider the registration fee is only $550 and the selling price for the limited edition Galaxy tab on ebay now is $1250, I think I will register for the next Google I/O for sure. It might be challenging as the 2011 conference was sold out in 1 hour.

Google I/O 2011 at Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA