Last Friday (July 22), the B’z came to perform at the Fillmore in San Francisco. I bought the ticket thinking it’s just another Japanese band. But then I started learning about them and realized I’m really lucky to have a ticket. This band plays in sold-out stadiums and they decide to do some “charity” work and play at the Fillmore – a small 1000-people place. The reason they play there eludes me. Perhaps there’s a novelty for musicians to play at the Fillmore as many international stars played there before.

About the B’z, the band is led by grammy award winning guitarist Takahiro Matsumoto, and  singer Koshi Inaba. Their stage presence is excellent,  superb, almost too perfect  like choreographed. The band was always pitch-perfect. I could not find one mistake or missing note.

The atmosphere of the concert was amazing. No seats. Everyone was jumping and the floor was shaking like an earthquake had struck San Francisco for 2 hours.  The Fillmore was small but really cozy venue. It was packed but not too crowded.

Some of my friends say it was the best concert they have ever been to. I definitely feel it was one of the best. I would definitely go to their concert again.