Project launch: Prosper Marketplace’s retail investor experience

I’m very glad to share that the project I’ve been working on for months finally launched. Even in turmoil, the team overcame all obstacles and launched this projects. Credit to everyone who worked on this together (past or present). You know who you are.

Significance of this project:

When I first joined Prosper Marketplace, they had a low-volume consumer product. The old site consisted of a series of incoherent pages, cluttered with an overflow of information and functionalities designed for sophisticated investors – desktop only.

The new experience is simplified, visually appealing, mobile friendly and allows investors to invest in only a few clicks.

The Dashboard:
Prosper Account Overview

The Auto Invest page:

Prosper Select Criteria

Prosper Marketplace Investor Dashboard in mobile

Prosper Marketplace Investor Dashboard in mobile

Leading the engineering effort was no mean feat. I’ll write more on what we did well in the next post.

To learn more about this project officially, click here.

[Site Launch] The new face of Sony – a responsive website

After years of hard work, I’m happy that our project has *finally* launched. Sony is the first electronics giant to launch a global multi-lingual fully responsive website. This launch covers all of Europe, Turkey and Russia/CIS. As the front-end lead for the project, I’m especially thrilled because a good front-end stack is the most important part of a responsive website. Thanks to 2 vendors and my kick-ass development team who worked tirelessly to perfect this brand new front end framework.


So, what’s really great about this website? Here are some important achievements from my perspective:

  1. Immersive customer experience
  2. Responsive design, responsive images, responsive everything…
  3. Separated presentation layer
  4. Modular front end framework
  5. Ability to develop on a single platform from ideation to integration
  6. Test-driven and agile

Check out the Sony UK site. Enjoy!

My thoughts on web design and development “obsessions”

I wanted to write down my thoughts on the web today. The web industry is full of trends. Sometimes these trends get way too popular and people blindly follow them without the right reasons. Here is my list of them as of today:

  • Obsession with table-less layouts
  • Obsession with no page refresh
  • Obsession with passive user interaction – Just scroll. No click or touch.
  • Obsession with no Flash
  • Obsession with infinite scrolling
  • Obsession with parallax scrolling
  • Obsession with single-page web design
  • Obsession with social media badges and plugins
  • Obsession with data APIs
  • Obsession with using front end technologies for everything

Page build: Sony Skype Camera (CMU-BR100) and Javascript framework agnostic adapter

I helped with this page for Sony GRO team for syndication to different countries. So far I found it on US and Canada. It may be live on other parts of the world.

One of the challenge was to make sure the JavaScript code (tho minimal) works on different frameworks. I wrote a “Agnostic.js” bridge to easily switch between prototype and jquery. I made it intentionally “dumb” so the developer can stub it out for their own framework if needed. It needs to be improved because it was a rush job. I think it works pretty well with jquery and prototype now. I wonder if there’s a place for such a library – Javascript Framework Agnostic adapter. Or it could just be polishing on turd.


Page on: