Recent projects 2012-2013

Here are 3 recent projects. The first 2 are purely front-end development work. They have no CMS backend and run on PHP and the Smarty template framework for easier content and template management.

1. La Jolla Playhouse WOW Festival

Twitter Bootstrap is the main framework used. Instead of using the default LESS source files from bootstrap, I used the Bootstrap SASS library instead and modified it. This site is responsive, meaning that visual elements transform to fit the screens in mobile, tablet or desktop.

2. Blend

This site is done using JQuery Mobile. The site runs like a web app without the need for page refresh in supported browsers.

3. On the rocs lounge

The last project is the re-launch of the On the Rocs lounge site. Though the rest of the site is great, I am only responsible for the a splash animation. There is a door in the restaurant where their restaurant’s initials were gunshot on. ¬†With the relaunch, they wanted to recreate how this happened online, hence my part in this project. First, I obtained a couple of frames of a single gunshot. Then, I coded the sequence in Flash using ActionScript. After the client approved and some more polishing, I exported the full sequence into an animation strip which then I used JavaScript to animate to synchronize with the audio.