PSN Store Redesign on PlayStation 3

Although I’m no longer working with SNEI in Sony anymore, I am proud to see the PSN store on Playstation 3 finally launched. It has been live since October 2012 and global rollout is still happening at the time of this blog post.

The new store provides drastically improved user interactions. Users are able to browse the store much easier with better groupings of media and add-ons, added information and trailers, and a much improved search functionality that was lifted from the Video Unlimited Preview Beta app.

I invite you to check it out on your PS3.



I have been working on for over 3 years.  During this time, I helped change the face of the site.  I developed or led the development of almost every movable part on – homepage, global navigation, shopping cart, checkout pages to name a few. I remember entering Sony Style as the sole front-end developer. Today, I co-lead a team of 8 developers. It has been a wild ride and a good learning experience. However as I flip into a new chapter of my career, I find myself having to leave this place that has helped me grow tremendously and enter into a new place to work and learn – within Sony. As of 9/27/2010, I will no longer be leading the front-end team.

I’m moving from Sony Electronics to Sony Corporate of America’s Sony Network Entertainment Inc. At SNEI, I will build Sony’s non-web experiences – such as device software and application. It will be a challenge as I have little experience with actual software development. I look forward to this opportunity as it will help me open up my horizon for new ideas and new projects.

In remembrance of my reign @ Sony Style, here are some screen shots of my contributions on today: